Subsidy: IPMAN Western zone bar its national body for unaccounted N10.9b

The Western Zone of the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) has  suspended all members of its national body from collecting any form of levies and money in all depots in the south-west zones pending when the N10.9 billion collected from subsidy on IPMAN investments Limited is accounted for.

The zone made this known during their first stakeholder’s forum held in Ibadan, the meeting which comprises of Petroleum Tanker Drivers arm of NUPENG, and members of Independent Marketers Branch of NUPNEG was arranged to address the issue accordingly.

Mr Olumide Ogunmade said in the joint communiqués passed after their resolution that the five zones which made up the Western zone will no longer recognize all national coordinators until the N 10.9 billion collected for subsidy on IPMAN Investment Limited is accountable for.

Ogunmade said that all members of the western zone will hence forth seize to remit its dues and levies to the national purse if they fail to give account to all products and amount collected from NNPC on subsidy.

“We have agreed that all western zones which comprises of five zones will hence forth seize to recognize the national coordinators collecting levies in all depots of the south-west.

“We will no longer remit money to the national account if the N 10 .9 billion collected from the subsidy is not accounted for by the national executives,’’ he said.

The IPMAN boss said that all draft payment of products in the western zone will be submitted and managed by the south-west zones, adding that the zones have resolved to send all agents of national body in all NNPC depots and Apapa depot packing.

He said that all IPMAN western zone members with all members of the Petroleum Tanker Drivers of NUPENG and the Independent Marketers Brach of NUPNEG have agreed to work mutually without involving the national coordinator in all the depots.

“The problem of IMPAN over the years has been that of the leadership which has been to the detriment of the members.
“We at the western zone are not fighting anybody because we are strict businessmen. We are not politicians and national body should stop playing politics with member’s integrity.

Ogunmade said that the zone has resolve in getting its allocation to its members directly so as to be accountable to its members, adding that members of the zone have not benefitted significantly from allocation which was been managed by the national body.

He further said that the members of Western zone has observed that the negative influence of the Nigerian Independent Petroleum Company (NIPCO) Plc in IPMAN activities need to be reviewed by the relationship with NIPCO.

“We have agreed that surveillance activities of NNPC facilities within the zone will be strengthened by all stakeholders, we therefore call on NNPC and the Federal Government to extend their support to Western zone stakeholders in this regards.

Ogunmade said that “We notice the forgery of the IPMAN western zone letter headed paper in the Punch of Thursday, February 2, 2012 page 51 and that of Sun of Friday 3, page 13 by some fictitious  so-called concerned marketers who were sponsored by IPMAN national body. The signatories are not members of our association.

“We are not engaging in any press war with anybody in the oil and gas industry because there are avenues in place to address grievances if any,’’ he added.

Mr Salimon Oladiti, Deputy National Chairman of Petroleum Tanker’s Driver of NUPENG said that all its members both at the national and western zone have agreed to support the western zone in ensuring that effective petroleum products is duly assigned to the zones without the involvement of the national body.

It will be recalled that all stakeholders in the south-west comprises of the IPMAN western zone as the PTD and IMB have agreed to pull out of the national body of IPMAN if accountability on product and subsidy money collected are not accounted for.

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