SIFAX Group celebrates former Managing Director, Capt. Deruyver

LAGOS-Former Managing Director of foremost indigenous terminal operator, Sifax Group; Capt Luc Deruyver last week officially bowed out of the company amidst encomiums and commendations after putting in five years of service for the group.

At a send forth ceremony which was held in his honor last week in Lagos, top management staff and other junior management staff of Sifax and its subsidiary companies gathered together and showered encomiums on Capt. Deruyver for his dynamism and for his humble leadership style.

Leading the encomium train was the Executive Vice President of Sifax Group, Dr. Taiwo Afolabi who was represented by the Director

Capt Luc Deruyver

of Projects and Services, Mr. Isaac Orolugbagbe.

Orolugbagbe appreciated that Capt. Deruyver has been his personal consultant on management matters over the years, and that he has been the international face of the group in the last five years adding that he has been a crusader of positive change in the group.

“He appears meek and gentle and if you are talking about global best practices he knows it all and he has seen it all, you can gain also gain hundred percent support from him on issues because he is concerned with the future of this group”

“If you want to portray the group as a multinational firm, the person you put forward is Capt. Luc, he has been our international face for many years, and his presence has brought a positive image to the group” Orolugbagbe said.

In his response to the commendations, Capt Luc Deruyver expressed happiness at the level of corporation and understanding that has been accorded him by the management team of Sifax Group, he described them as “wonderful people”.

Capt Deruyver who spoke on the sidelines said that the people have always been there when he needed them and that he is optimistic that his legacies will be carried on and that the group will continue to train other people as well.

He however said that he is yet to make up his mind on his next appointment, even as he revealed that he already has two job offers in Nigeria and other offers internationally.



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