NSE:Firm creates virtual trading platform to heighten investors’ confidence

LAGOS-IN a move to boost investors confidence in the Nigerian capital market, a virtual trading website, easykobo.com has been created to enlighten investors on firsthand knowledge of market activities.
Arjun Markanda, CEO of Easykobo.com Finance website said that this will go a long way in changing people’s mindsets about investing in the stock market.
He said, “The Easykobo.com stock trials are an excellent way of learning how to invest in Nigeria capital market. We live in times where there is complete apathy towards investing in the stock market.
The stock trials allow doubtful individuals, who want to invest but are not sure where to invest, an opportunity to practically feel the market directions.
“One can use Easykobo.com to get all the information on listed companies and then buy shares of those companies and try out various strategies. Once a person is confident and wants to go ahead and invest with real money, the person can then contact his stockbrokers or a financial advisor to do the deal. In this way Easykobo.com is bringing people back into investing in Nigeria capital market. Easykobo.com is leading people to discuss the stock market with their friends over gatherings, in offices and in homes.
“Thousands of our visitors are now learning practical trading on the Nigerian Stock Exchange listed stocks without putting in real money.
This will go a long way in changing people’s mindsets about investing in the stock market. It will only happen if they can see that they can get returns on their investments. This is practice so investors can learn to invest with the market trend.
“When a new User registers for the Stock trials, his http://www.easykobo.com account is credited with N50 million play money. This is to be used to buy and sell listed stocks on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. The top players will be judged based on their Return on Investment at the end of the game period. In this way we are helping re-ignite the peoples’ interest in investing in Nigerian companies listed on the stock exchange in Lagos.
He said that over 60 per cent of activity on the Nigerian Stock Exchange is carried out by foreigners, adding that the NSE cannot bounce back to its glory days until Nigerians get involved in investing in stocks listed on the exchange.


He noted that this is the company’s bonafide initiative to boost investor sentiment in Nigeria and that is why it is 100 per cent free.

Apart from the free stock trials, Easykobo.com offers visitors daily market trends, listed company financials, dividend news, stock analysis, historical stock prices with charts, currency exchange rates, features on palm oil, personal finance, insurance and real estate as well as a blog where investors can ask questions and discuss investing strategies.

Users can also set up a portfolio which can be used to track real investments. All one has to do is to enter the information on what shares a person owns, date of purchase, and the system will work our progress on a daily basis totally free of cost. This is meant for those people who only want to track their investments and do not wish to participate in Stock Trials. At the same time people can also make portfolios and participate in the stock trials.

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