ALTON decries Boko Haram’s Bombing of 25 Telecom Base Stations

LAGOS-The Association of Licensed Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (Alton) has decried the series of bombings early this morning in some North Eastern Nigeria states of Nigeria that shattered more than 25 base stations.

Fingers are pointing at Boko Haram sect as sponsors of the attack.

Engr. Gbenga Adebayo, chairman of Alton lamented that the unwarranted attacks and warned that it would affect the quality of service provisioning.

Although the Islamist sect has not given reasons for the bombings, the attacks may not be unconnected with the previous threats by the group to force telecom operators out of the north for aiding security agencies to track them down.

 Today’s cell phones are far more than simple communications and personal entertainment devices.

 Thanks to the so- called “pinging” techn

Telecoms Base Station

ology, in which cellphones are constantly communicating with the network towers around them, cellphones also leave a trail that law enforcement can use to track criminals, and emergency rescue teams can use to find people who are missing.

In fact, mobile phone carriers can typically pinpoint the location of a phone within several hundred yards simply from the pings from a cellphone

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