Oando Launches DOT 4 brake and clutch fluid application

Oando Group CEO, Wale Tinubu



LAGOS-Oando Marketing PLC(OMP),a leading Nigerian petroleum retailer has announced the introduction of Oando DOT4 brake fluid, an extra high performance synthetic brake fluid at all Oando retail stations across Nigeria. The fluid is suitable for automotive discs, drum and anti-skid brake  systems, clutch systems of all modern vehicles requiring DOT4 applications.

The Company’s spokesman Meka Olowola disclosed this in a signed statement issued in Lagos and made available to Biztellers via electronic mail.

The launch of OandoDOT4, according to him is another significant milestone for OMP,as this category of brakefluids has been the exclusive preserve of a few major international oil and gas companies in Nigeria. Oando DOT4 aligns with OMP’s strategy to create inventive products that will increase value for its stakeholders, whilst advocating for thef ederal government to increase participation of indigenous companies in the Nigerian oil and gas sector.




Commenting, Yomi Awobokun, CEO of OMP remarked: This product is the result of years of dedicated research. As an innovative company, we purposefully strive to think outside the box to offer our diverse customers products that will improve their lives, the quality of their assets, and the environment.”




Also commenting, Head of Lubricants, OMP, Jonathan Sanyalou, said: “The chemical composition we have used to create Oando’sDOT4 brake fluid has generated a highly refined end-product that we believe will further enhance the driving experience a and improve the overall safety of any motorists that uses it for their vehicle. The fluid offers several advantages to motorists:Firm braking pressure under all  service conditions, excellent chemical stability and freedom from gummy deposits, high boiling points to prevent vapour forming in brake  systems, protection for metals and rubbers  used in hydraulic brake and clutch systems, and compatibility with other  brake fluids meeting stringent  standards set by the American Petroleum Institute.”





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