Presidency to Give 5 Million Women Mobile Phones

By Ikenna UGWU

 The presidency said 5 million women farmers will receive mobile phones in 2013 as part of efforts to prove the gender friendliness of the present administration.

 President Goodluck Jonathan made the assertion during his budget presentation to a joint session of the National Assembly where he also said that his administration had worked to improve the position of women in society by empowering them economically.

 President Jonathan said “Nevertheless, to further integrate women in the various sectors, we have developed an innovative approach to mainstreaming gender issues starting with five pilot ministries. Agriculture, health, communication technology, water resources and works, these ministries are signing MOUs with the Ministry of Women Affairs to deliver on specific services for women.

 The Ministry of Agriculture, for example, will work with the Ministry of Communication Technology to ensure that five million women farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs receive mobile phones,’’ he said.

The president said the step was to enable the women to access information on agro-inputs through an e-wallet scheme.


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