Microsoft to Introduce Supportive Gadgets

By Ikenna UGWU

Following the triumphant entry of Windows 8 into Microsoft’s world, the company is already thinking of introducing a veer of products and services designed to work with its new operating system.

The products will be from the Xbox Music service to a new version of Office.

Microsoft’s Chief Executive Officer, Steve Ballmer, said Windows 8 is one of the most significant debuts in the company’s history.

According to him, it is characterized as classic the year of product releases and updates that Windows 8’s arrival heralds.

meanwhile, Windows is leads world’s PC operating system market, on some 94 percent of PCs, according to Gartner information. However, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms dominance in the mobile realm poses big threaten to Windows’ future, unless Windows 8 can start making up some of that ground.

Windows 8 seemingly, is Microsoft’s attempt to bridge the gap between tablets and traditional PCs. It is designed to be both touch- and mouse-and-keyboard-friendly, with two modes of interaction: a tile-based design unfamiliar to most Windows users, and the familiar, traditional desktop interface.

“This is the single, largest product launch that Microsoft has ever done,” said Michael Gartenberg, an analyst with research firm Gartner.” And the single most important set of products that Microsoft has ever introduced.”

Explaining those differences, Frank Gillett, an analyst at Forrester disclosed that along with the differences among the various versions of Windows 8 and the many changes from previous versions of the operating system; is likely to be one of Microsoft’s biggest challenges.

“If you look at the complexities involved in choosing a Windows 8 device, particularly the tablets, it’s nutty. It’s a two-headed operating system for which you’ll have at least four processor-type choices, each of which will give you different characteristics and experiences,” he said.

According to Michael Cherry, analyst at Microsoft said the company has vision where they want to go and it is Windows in the cloud.

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