FG urged not to destroy the aviation industry

LAGOS: General Secretary, Airline Operators of Nigeria (AON), Alhaji Muhammed Tukur yesterday warned the Federal Government and members of the National Assembly on aviation committees in both houses not to destroy the aviation industry and what the industry has achieved in time past.

Speaking to newsmen in Lagos, Alhaji Tukur pointed out that for over seven months now since the ill-fated Dana crash occurred, politicians as well as airline operators have been witch-hunting themselves trying to undo one another.

He however called on the members of the National Assembly to do the right thing and to save the industry from total collapse adding that the Minister of Aviation Princess Stella Oduah also has a role to play in whatever they were doing if not done right and appropriately that they were indicting the presidency for not delivering the dividend of good governance in the aviation industry as promised by President Goodluck Jonathan.

Alhaji Tukur said ’’We are all aware of the crisis that is going on in the aviation industry after the crash of Dana air in the National Assembly and that is why I have to invite you today to talk with you, it has to do with the policy going on within the operators and the National Assembly, so let me cease this opportunity first to call on the National Assembly to save the aviation industry, save the industry by doing the right thing and not destroying what the industry has achieved for long”

He further stressed that since the Dana air crash some people both on the side of the National Assembly and airline operators have used the opportunity in making a lot of money in what he described as eating from the dead stressing that the situation has gone to a level that if not properly checked would lead to a total collapsed of the aviation industry.

On the part of the airline operators, Alhaji Tukur stressed that they should work together as working at variance would only help in plunging the industry into further crisis situation adding that the situation has gotten to a level of security situation whereby AON had to advise most of the operators to improve on their security of their staffs and aircraft.

“It has gotten to the extend whereby we have to advice our members that you should add more security to your aircraft because the way things are going, we are getting news that there may be somebody that will connive in order to bring down an aircraft because they want to achieve political gain, I want to use this opportunity to call on the Federal Government, to call on all stakeholders and security agencies to focus on this aviation matter seriously because it has taken a dangerous dimension. In a situation whereby a particular airline owe, some people will just engage themselves for blackmailing other operators when they are using the same method, it is very dangerous”

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