Air France-KLM and Amadeus renew vows

Report made available to Biztellers that Air France-KLM and Amadeus, a leading technology partner for the global travel industry, have renewed their content agreement.

Thanks to the deal, travel agencies worldwide will continue to have guaranteed access to the full range of fares and inventory relating to more than 74.8 million seats and 90.000 flights operated annually by Air France and KLM through the Amadeus system.

The agreement also includes the content of regional airlines in the group.

Travel agents will continue to offer optional services to their customers such as Economy Comfort for KLM or Seat + for Air France using the Amadeus Airline Ancillary Services solution, a fully integrated end-to-end solution which enables airlines to merchandise their ancillary services.

Furthermore, Air France has launched the ‘New Economy Offer’ available to 58 destinations on the short and medium-haul network, allowing travel agents to give the customer an option that will allow choosing between the all-inclusive fare and a Minii fare.

Jean Wieviorka, senior vice president global sales and distribution, Air France-KLM, said: “We are very pleased to reach this agreement, which fits in the Transform plan of the group.

“This is a great move forward in our long term relationship with Amadeus. The extension of the content agreement supports Air France-KLM strategy to give Amadeus travel agents worldwide an efficient access to our wide range of services, fares and options.”

Today 80 per cent of Amadeus bookings worldwide are made on airlines with which Amadeus has a content agreement.

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