FAAN to evacuate abandoned aircraft at airports

LAGOS: Director of Operations of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Capt. Henry Omeogu today said that the agency has indicated its interest to evacuate all abandoned aircraft across major airports in the country with effect from next week.

Capt. Omeogu further stressed that the abandoned aircraft were posing a great threat to safety adding that they have been abandoned at the airports for too long.

According to him, the evacuation exercise commences in Lagos next week while the contractor will move to Abuja airport the following week noting that the government would not trade safety of airport users for any selfish and personal reasons.

“Some of the abandoned aircraft belonged to Bellview Airline, Space World, Capital Airlines, IRS, EAS, Dasab and Fresh Airlines and are at Lagos, Abuja, Benin, Owerri, Kano and Kaduna airports” he said.

The FAAN Director of Operations however added that some of the operators like Space World, Capital Airlines and others had already given the agency the go ahead to evacuate the airplanes.

He said, “None of them is serviceable because most of their owners have closed shop, but unfortunately, their owners don’t want to evacuate them for reasons best known to them. Today, we are ready to remove them from here.

“The contractors are ready to move in and there is no going back. Anyone that wants to take anything away from them now can do so between now and the next one week” he added.

Meanwhile, the Director of Legal, FAAN, Barrister Marc Jacob emphasised that the aircraft were dangerous to the airport environments.

Barrister Jacob also said that none of the aircraft owners had order stopping the agency from evacuating them and said the agency would not cannibalise any of the aircraft, but was just interested in removing them from the airport.

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