Telecoms are Perfecting Their Networks To Handle Competition – NCC

LAGOS: The director of publicity with the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), Tony Ojobo has explained that due to the Mobile Number Portability (MUP) that will be kicking off on Monday, telecoms are trying to put finishing touches to their networks to be able to cope with the competition that would be unleashed in the industry.

Tony OjoboSpeaking with Biztellers, Mr Ojobo said the telecoms operators had requested the commission give’s them more time to finalize the testing that are going on, so the commission had to extend it to another 3 weeks.

He explained the MUP is a service platform that will allow a subscriber migrate from one service provider to another provider and still retain the number. The MUP, he claims will give the subscriber leverage to move to another service provider without losing their numbers.

He added that “the revenue that is accurable to any particular network is dependent on the volume, the number of subscribers and the volume of traffic.
He also noted that “if you have a reduction of subscribers in your network it will affect your volume.”

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