Ndukwe Says Broadband Expansion Fuels Economic Growth

LAGOS: Chairman, Presidential Committee on Broadband Infrastructure and immediate past Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Dr Ernest Ndukwe, last week revealed that the government has seen economic growth from broadband expansion and would be ready to launch plans for massive broadband expansion in the country.

Ndukwe Says Broadband Expansion Fuels Economic GrowthNdukwe who spoke as a special guest at the Titans of Tech event in Lagos, admitted that there is positive relationship between broadband expansion and economic growth. He also dropped the hint that the broadband Committee, he co-chairs, has finished its work and would soon present its findings to the Presidency before the full result with its implications would be made public.

Eng. Ndukwe said that while Nigeria did not take advantage of copper when it was in vogue, the country now had an advantage as it can quickly deploy broadband wireless infrastructure.

He however noted the urgent need to build fibre optics highways to the rural areas so as to include all and exclude none, he added.

According to Ndukwe, “broadband is not just about access to the internet, but access with the right speed, right price, right content and right place. Access is fundamental else it would be virtually impossible for us to emerge as a significant player in the global village” he added

Other speakers at the event, including Co-Founder, Oxygen Broadband, Mr Wande Adalemo, agreed with his position, saying that Broadband is already having a major impact on the way Nigerians live and work.

Adalemo revealed that his young company was in the forefront of establishing internet hotspots in strategic locations in Lagos.

companies are using broadband to improve productivity through remote monitoring, logistics management and online procurement. They are also using broadband to provide services such as media content, online shopping and electronic banking services.

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