The First Train the trainer programme for Nigerian Universities event held in Ibadan

IBADAN: The First ExxonMobil sponsored university Train-The-Trainer programme organised for 20 university Lecturers from 7-South West university held at the conference centre university of Ibadan April 22-26, 2013. This was organized by Danvic Concepts International Nigeria Limited. Speaking at the event was the managing Director of Danvic Concept International Dr Mayowa Afe

For sometimes now and for obvious reasons, the increase in the number of unemployed Nigerian graduates are now becoming very worrisome both to the Nigerian Government and also all well meaning Nigerians and corporate bodies.

This is why I believed that the present government and all stakeholders are coming up with initiatives that will help in the reduction of unemployment among our graduates.

Dr Lambert Aikhionbare, Managing Director, Ehimade Nigeria Limited, Mr Goodluck Adagbasa ,Manager, Deepwater Production Geoscience, Mrs Rita Umoren, Manager, Public & Govt Affairs and Dr Mayowa Afe, Managing Director Danvic Concepts International Nigeria Limited, For us in the oil and gas sector it is pleasing to let you know that all stake holders are now very much committed to the success of the Federal Government initiative with respect to the development of indigenous human capacity in the oil and gas sector of our economy. Particularly, more attention is now focused on employing competent Nigerian graduates in the oil and gas sector in preference to foreign experts that come with attendant huge capital flight at the expense of engaging our youths for meaningful nation building and development.

You may all recall that among the major reasons and claims by employers for preferring foreign experts to our Nigerian graduates in the oil and gas sector is the noticeable knowledge gap between the graduates produced by our universities in recent times and their foreign counterparts particularly in specialized areas of the oil and gas sector where you need exposure to advance and up-to-date technology.

It is in view of this development that Danvic Concepts International Nigeria Limited is partnering with major stake holders in the oil and gas sector to enhance the knowledge base of Nigerian university lecturers thereby passing adequate knowledge to the students and making them employable after graduation.

It is in view of the above that we will like to thank the management of Exxonmobil and partners for accepting the Train-The-Trainers program for our universities in which this is third in the series. Twenty lecturers from 7-universities all from the south west will be participating in this  edition. The first edition was held in Benin with universities from the south south participating while the  second was in Enugu with all south east universities participating. We look forward to the last 3-editions that will involve the North central, North east and North western universities.

Let me use this opportunity to thank the management and staff of Exxonmobil for their  continuing huge contributions to the Nigeria education sector. I cannot but personally thank Mr Goodluck Adagbasa (Manager, Deepwater Production Geoscience) and Mrs Rita Umoren (Manager, Public & Govt Affairs) for supervision of this program and for ensuring the success of this collaboration. It is our hope that Exxonmobil will go further in this partnership to actualize this year the support for the NE, N-central and NW universities.

By the end of this training program we will be able to achieve the following among many others:

• Validate skills and knowledge of our lecturers for effective training and teaching of our future Geoscientists.

• Deeper specialization with a widely used automated tool in the oil and gas market

• Increase the employment potential of students after graduation thereby reducing their exposure to violent and criminal activities.

In concluding, let me use this opportunity to call on the Federal Government of Nigeria and other stakeholders to continue to invest more in Nigeria universities rather than sending our graduates to foreign universities for Masters and PhD degrees. If we have the proper environment and training this can be done in Nigeria.

With this type of support, I will like to call on all oil and gas companies operating in Nigeria to give study contracts to our universities to enable them generate income and have enough data to train post graduate students.

It is also important that our university curriculum is reviewed to reflect the realities of today and the needs of present day employers. This will help increase the employment potentials of our graduates.

Finally, I want to congratulate all the participating lecturers and universities for been the beneficiary of this huge collaboration and I want to encourage all of them to please take full advantage of the opportunity for the benefit of our beloved country.


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