Private Jets Must Not Operate Commercially – DG NCAA

LAGOS: The Director General in the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) Capt. Dele Sasegbon, has commented on the new development and 2013 policy that the NCAA has directed on private jets saying the National Aviation Policy 2013 is supposed to guide the industry into the next phase of development.

Private Jets Must Not Operate Commercially – DG NCAACapt. Dele explained that privately certified aircraft are not allowed to do commercial services, so the government had to put a policy that will restrict the operations of private jet owners.

He also stated that insurance doesn’t cover passengers that are carried on private aircraft.

Capt. Dele mentioned the types of insurance that are needed for aviation.

• Public Liability Insurance: A third party liability which covers owners of the aircraft and issues that surrounds the damages of the aircraft in case of an accident.

• Passengers Liability Insurance: It protects the passenger that may be riding on the aircraft.

• Combined Limit Insurance: This covers both public and passenger liability especially passengers that may be injured and properties that are on ground.

He added that the insurance is used to protect the passengers and individuals that are carried and properties that are on ground.

He stated that the insurance that covers privately owned air crafts are not as much as commercial owned air crafts.

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