AMAECHI’s AIRCRAFT: Lawyers write NCAA, seek actual ownership

ABUJA: Premised on the Freedom of Information Act (FOI), Public Interest Lawyers League (PIIL), has written a letter to the Director-General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) requesting for access to records or information under Section 1 of the FOI Act, 2011.

The letter signed by the President of the League, Abdul Mahmud, a copy of which was obtained by Biztellers is requesting for record of ownership or title to or any interest in the private jet belonging to Bank of Uttah Trustees and kept pursuant to Section 7 (1) (a) of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (Establishment etc) Act, 2004.

They also want records of ownerships, titles or interests in all private jets kept pursuant to Section 7(1) (a) of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (Establishment etc) Act, 2004.

GOV. AMAECHIThe group noted that by Section 1(2) of the said Freedom of Information Act 2011, it need not demonstrate any specific interest in the information it is applying for.

The group, however, recalled that on the April 27, 2013, the NCAA purportedly acting pursuant to the powers granted to it by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Act, 2004, as the regulator of Nigerian aviation, grounded the private jet of the Governor of Rivers state at the Akure airport.

It further stated that, “The reasons the NCAA gave for grounding the plane were: a) improper customs papers; b) non-presentation of manifest and flight plan; c) expired clearance certificate. A careful examination of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority Act, 2004, shows that the regulatory agency acted within the bounds of the law. Section 7 (1) (j) provides that the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority can “prohibit any person from engaging or being employed in or in connection with air navigation in any capacity whatsoever, unless the Authority determines that such person satisfies the requirements of this Act, regulations, rules, orders, terms and conditions made therein.

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