Etisalat Nigeria surpasses NCC KPI benchmarks in May

ABUJA – Etisalat Nigeria says it has surpassed the benchmark set by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the month of May, ThisDay reported. CEO Steven Evans said the NCC sets a Call Setup Success Rate (CSSR) of 95 percent as the benchmark but that Etisalat surpassed it and recorded between 98 and 99 percent in May.

ETISALATEvans said Etisalat also performed well in the Call Drop Rate (CDR) and Signalling Congestion Rate (SCR). The NCC KPI for CDRs says the rate must not exceed 2 percent across networks, but that Etisalat was able to keep its CDR below 1 percent in May. Etisalat’s SCR rate was 0.3 percent, compared with the NCC benchmark of 1 percent.

Evans promised that Etisalat would continue to maintain and surpass NCC’s benchmarks through constant investment on its network. The operator currently has over 15 million subscribers but has a network capacity to accommodate over 20 million subscribers, he said. He added that Etisalat is investing between USD 400 and USD 500 on capital investments for this year alone, which include network upgrade and expansion, in order to maintain a stable network for its growing number of subscribers.

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