Oil spill in the Niger Delta is being contained – Shell

PORT HARCOURT – Shell says an oil spill in the Niger Delta is being contained after a leak was found in one of its pipelines.

The Nigerian military’s Joint Task Force (JTF) discovered the spill near Adamakiri in Rivers State whilst searching for illegal oil refiners in the area.

In a statement the JTF is reported to have said: “An assessment of the spot revealed that a brownish liquid substance was observed jetting out from an opening on the pipeline. The Commanding Officer… attributed the leakage to corrosion on the pipeline.”

oil spillageA statement released by Shell said: “Oil spill containment has been put in place following observation of the leak. A joint investigation visit will determine the cause of the spill, and it would be premature to comment.”

Spills in the country are not rare and oil production has been plagued by problems recently. The Anglo-Dutch company blames oil thefts for most leaks but local communities say Shell is responsible for more than it will own up to. Disruptions to operations in Nigeria left the company $250 million (£161 million) out of pocket in the second quarter of this year.

Reports claim the JTF also said it had carried a number of operations to combat oil theft in the delta, shutting illegal oil refineries and scuttling boats used by thieves.

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