FAAN, car hire operators disagree over concession

ABUJA-The Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) and the Airport Car Hires Association of Nigeria (ACHAN) on Monday at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (NAIA), Abuja, disagreed over payment of concession.

Mr Alfred Itua, FAAN Public Affairs Manager at NAIA told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that FAAN had instructed each car hire operator to pay N20, 000 per annum as concession.

He said this would enable FAAN take proper account of money realised from the association without involving an intermediary and to know the number of cars operating cars operating at NAIA.

“FAAN pasted a circular in July instructing those operating car hire service to pay N20, 000 each and individually as annual charge to the authority. But the leaders of ACHAN refused because they wanted to pay the money in bulk on behalf of members of their association.

“FAAN disagrees with them because we do not recognise any association, but individuals who operate car hire service at the airport. Some of the car owners have started paying the money into the account of FAAN, while some have not. It is based on this that the authority instructed its officials, led by Mr James Shalangwa, FAAN Assistance General Manager Commercial to stop those who have not paid from operating,” Itua said.

Mr Alex Edom, ACHAN National President said that the members were instructed not to pay individually.Edom said that this was because they had an understanding with FAAN and other airport authorities that the money should be paid in bulk on behalf of all the members. He said, “This is because we do not want FAAN to issue receipts to people, who are not our members and we have been doing this since the inception of the airport.

“Yearly, the association always pays N11 million to FAAN, we have been paying and we usually collect the money from our members and pay to FAAN. And we have never failed in doing that until when the authority came up with this new idea of asking us to pay in person. This is against our agreement, we wrote a letter in September to tell FAAN that it was impossible for us to pay individually because we do not know who and who they want to issue receipts to,” Edom said.

Mr Saka Kareem, a taxi owner at the airport, said that he paid the money into the account of FAAN on Friday, but the executives of the ACHAN tried to stop him from paying. “The executives of our association have not been remitting the correct amount of the money to the account of FAAN because some of them are corrupt. We all paid our concession in 2010, but the association refused to remit all the money to the proper account. For example, what we have on our membership list are 400 members, but there are more than 600 cars operating at the airport and the remaining cars are not accounted for,’’ Kareem said. Mr Oscar Obiora, another cab driver, said that the decision by FAAN was right, “this is how it is done in all international airports all over the world”.

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