Subsidy: Nigeria’s senate appeals to oil marketers

ABUJA- Nigeria’s Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu has called on oil importers to save the country from any embarrassment that may arise from the present controversy on the oil subsidy. 

Speaking during the inauguration of the committee on petroleum resources (upstream), Ekweremadu who reiterated that the way out of the embarrassing situation would be when refineries were fully rehabilitated and new ones built, adding that the debate in the country was unhealthy, just as he stressed that what we need at the moment is to make conscious efforts in to tackling the problem.

The Deputy Senate President who noted that all hands must be on deck to overcome these challenges, “In Nigeria with the quantum of oil we have we are still talking about oil subsidy, we are talking of importation of oil products.

I think it is something we have to search our soul and appeal to those who are responsible for this situation to do us the single favour of stopping this embarrassment.

I believe we can do that through the rehabilitation of our refineries building new refineries no matter how small they are and scattered every place with this we will be able to overcome the major challenge.

“I am not an expert in oil issues but talking from the point of view of a lay man, I am just wondering if while we are trying to rehabilitate our refineries and build new ones,

whether all these people who we claim to be oil importers whether some of them cannot be allocated crude oil to refine wherever and bring back instead of giving them money in the name of oil subsidies.

“Everybody now claims to be an exporter but if we can have real people in the sector that are allocated some quantities of crude oil, let them refine and send back and sell locally, I am sure we will not be talking about subsidy because it will be unnecessary;

It will be less than what we have now but because people are making money from the process they find it difficult to allow government do the right thing.

We want to appeal to those people to give this country a chance so that we can make progress like other countries.”

He however expressed the senate’s commitment to the PIB , adding that it was unfortunate that since the matter was raised with the Minister of Petroleum on the appropriate bill, the Senate was yet to have the correct copy.

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