State gov in Nigeria calls for partnership, cooperation on renewable energy

The Lagos state Government has called for the successful co-operation of the public and private sectors to foster sustainable renewable energy in Lagos  state and Nigeria in general.

Speaking at a summit hosted by the newly established Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources that took place in Lagos recently, with the theme “Achieving a Sustainable Renewable Energy Programme for Lagos State” the state governor Mr. Babatunde Fashola said one of  the ways to make Lagos State a global economic and financial hub is through the development of a sustainable energy strategy.

He also opined that the workshop has been organised with that goal in mind to discuss ways in which to exploit sustainable and affordable energy sources for the people of Lagos State and Nigeria in general.

“As a major driver of economic growth, sources of energy or the lack thereof have always been of great importance in any economy. Lagos State, in which at least 60 percent of all commercial activitites in Nigeria takes place, is no exception.

“Lagos State is blessed with enough resources to revolutionize our economic and social lives through a program of renewable energy that is a viable alternative to petroleum products”.

According to the Governor, the issue of alternative energy has now assumed a global dimension, as more and more nations become aware of the imminent danger to the planet, from years of exploration and exploitation of fossil fuels; including coal, petroleum and natural gas.

He noted that Lagos State Government remains committed to bringing innovative cleaner and greener solutions to the state’s energy requirements, and on encouraging the use of renewable clean energy solutions to generate power, especially solar power options.

“The strategic aim of this initiative is to identify and develop appropriate renewable energy options to complement our efforts at developing an energy policy in Lagos State. We are also committed to enhancing energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, diversifying energy sources and creating jobs”.

He further explained that “Lagos State Government has revalidated its obligation to explore and exploit cleaner, renewable fuel sources and this Summit is one of the vehicles that will set us on the path to achieving that”.

“This Summit therefore presents another great opportunity for the public and private sectors to co-operate, by supporting and helping to create awareness for initiatives on the current global energy landscape, so that a new era characterized by renewable energy sources can emerge. It is no secret that African countries are lagging far behind in taking active steps to protect the environment. We hope to reverse that trend, starting in Lagos State. Technologies and investment initiatives that improve energy efficiency will become more and more important if the sustainable energy goal is to be met”.

He concluded by saying that this is an ambitious goal and it cannot be easily met without the successful co-operation of the public and private sectors and each sector has distinct roles to play.

“It is therefore our hope that with this workshop, which is the first of many more  to come, we will organise and foster the partnership and cooperation that will support our sustainable renewable energy programmes in Lagos State”.


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