Power generation: Nigeria boosts supply by 40%


LAGOS-The Federal Government of Nigeria has reiterated that power supply in the country has increase by 40 per cent.

The minister of power Prof Barth Nnaji told news men in Lagos when he commissioned Egbin Power plant Gymnasium center that since the Jonathan led administration Came to power, power generation has increased by 40 per cent.

“Since the Jonathan led administration can into power, power supply has increased by 40 per cent and this is a tremendous achievement on the part on the part of the president and the government to have increased power supply”.

“Other parts of the country are having constant power supply and it is twice of what they use to get while in some place they are having twenty four hours power supply” he said.

Nnaji stressed that  directives has been given to ensure that Lagos state should be having power supply round the clock without load shedding with the exception of no availability of power in the system adding that there are other factors that indicate improvement in power supply in the country.

Nnaji also noted that works at the plant that have not been promoted for the past six years and more should be recommended for promotion.

“Egbin power plant is a company on its own, hence the headquarters does not superintend you. Therefore you can conduct your own promotion exercise and make recommendations to me. This exercise is going to constitute a committee, so your wish is granted”

Speaking on the ongoing severance negotiation with union members of Power Holding Company of Nigeria, the Minister said there are issues that cannot be considered.

“There are issues that cannot be considered. For instance the federal government increased the salaries of civil servants and we also have increased the salaries of workers in power companies across the nation by 50 per cent but they are asking for the salary increase when they are not civil servant. So issues like this needs to be resolved” he said

He also commended the initiative of the gymnasium noting that it is the first gymnasium in a power station.

“You have begun to operate like companies in developed countries. In developed countries there is usually a gym in the work place so that you can have a chance to keep a healthy body thereby keeping a healthy mind and you get the best out of the work force when you have something like this in the work place” he reiterated.

The minister was seen jogging with the CEO of the plant Engineer Mike Uzoigwe and staff of the plant for 20 minutes from the gymnasium center to the power plant.

The chief Executive officer of Egbin Electricity Power Plant, Engineer Mike Uzoigwe said staff in the plant work longer hours under critical and stressful condition and do not find time for all important bodily exercise.

“we know the important of body exercise that is why we decided since April 2011 to devote every 1st day of the month for a compulsory workout by everybody in an attempt to help ourselves remove accumulated stress of work and achieve better health for everybody.

Engineer uzoigwe argued that such workout helps to keep spirit together and cut everybody down to size whether one is top manager or floor hand.



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