DPR to enhance reduction of Gas flare inNigeria

LAGOS-NIGERIA’s oil sector police, the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) is set to enhance the reduction of gas flare in the nation’s oil and gas sector in order to guarantee sustainable development through the administration of safety provisions in Oil and Gas activities nationwide.

Speaking at a media interactive session at the Department’s headquarters in Lagos, the Director, Petroleum Resources, Mr. Osten Olorunsola, said that the DPR is initiating a regulatory re-engineering drive in line with the national transformation agenda of the Government by updating applicable operating guidelines for gas operations inNigeria.

Olorunsola, noted further that the  DPR would henceforth work like other regulatory agencies in the world as it would be empowered to carry out its operations in the petroleum industry as a world class 21st century regulator, just as it also plans to enhance its capacity  for effective regulatory oversight of the oil and gas industry.

“DPR would regulate and monitor oil and gas activities in Nigeria to ensure compliance with proven standards & global best practices. We conserve the nation’s rich hydrocarbon resources, optimize government’s take from the exploitation, exploration and production of hydrocarbon resources.

We also administer and provide accurate / reliable status of oil and gas reserves, production and export figures to government for strategic planning and national development purposes.

Promote and guarantee safe, secured, and environmentally sustainable development of the Nation’s petroleum resource. Maintain and administer effective repository for archiving and retrieval of all oil and gas data in Nigeria.

Administer and manage oil and gas acreages and concessions inNigeria, implement all policies of government on oil and gas matters”

Olorunsola also noted that the Department is ready to enforce all applicable laws in a manner that will guarantee sustainable development of the oil and gas industry by maintaining the safety case regime in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry.

According to him, the DPR operates an open and transparent regulatory regime for the oil and gas Industry inNigeriathrough optimal application of NDR & NPMS in the conduct of regulatory functions.

He noted that monitoring the implementation of risk based Inspection of Oil and gas handling facilities by carrying out update and analysis of portfolio view of National Gas reserves.

The Director further said that implementation of personnel accountability system through the issuance of Offshore Safety Permit would be ensured as well as conducting accident investigation and inquiry and sharing of lessons learnt in the industry.

He further explained that his Department will conclude work on the Nigerian Gas transportation code for industry compliance and revise domestic gas supply obligation for companies.


Filename: DPR

Date: 02/03/2012





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