Full speech of Rich Kruger,President, ExxonMobil Production Company at the commissioning of Nigeria’s first wholly-built offshore platforms

Rich Kruger

President, ExxonMobil Production Company

Lagos, Nigeria

Satellite Fields Development Project Phase-1

Nigerdock Platforms Sailaway Ceremony

Friday, March 16, 2012


Introductory Remarks


  • First, I’d like to say that I’m honored to be part of this distinguished group at this milestone event for the nation of Nigeria.


  • On behalf of Mobil Producing Nigeria, it’s with a deep pride that I formally welcome all of you to this ceremony. Today we’re commemorating the sail away of two of three wellhead platforms developed under our Satellite Field Development Project.


  • This occasion not only marks the completion of the first phase of the project…but also represents the first time two platforms have been developed completely in Nigeria. This is a significant contribution to the national content initiatives supported by both the Nigerian Government and our ExxonMobil affiliates here in Nigeria.


  • The first phase of the Satellite Field Development Project will increase production in the Abang [pronounced AH-BAN-G], Oyot [pronounced O-YO-T] and Itut [pronounced EE-TOOT] fields…located in Oil Mining Leases 67 and 70.


  • It involves the engineering…fabrication…and installation of one wellhead platform in each of these fields. It also includes production gathering pipelines and tie-ins to existing production facilities, as well as the drilling of future wells.


  • I want to stress that underlining this project is a firm commitment to safety by all parties involved. On this project, over 4.3 million man hours have been invested…with no lost time injuries.  At ExxonMobil, the health and well-being of our employees, contractors and the communities in which we operate is more than merely a priority…it is a core value of our Corporation.


  • Our goal is an incident-free workplace with a clear and simple objective…nobody gets hurt.


  • The sailaway of these platforms is the culmination of years of dedication, hard work and collaboration with a myriad of local partners…while delivering on the Nigerian government’s national content objectives.


  • We’re proud that both the Brownfield Front End Engineering Design and the Greenfield Detailed Engineering were performed by a Nigerian engineering company…Dover Engineering. We’re also proud that procurement and fabrication contracts were executed with Nigerdock Nigeria Plc, FZE and Dorman-Long Engineering Ltd. …all Nigerian companies.


  • At Mobil Producing Nigeria, we recognize the long-term value and importance of Nigerian content development to the sustained growth of this great country. Our company is working proactively to achieve and exceed the Federal Government’s target on Nigerian content development.


  • We believe that this will reduce costs and continue to ensure the long-term availability and viability of in-country goods and services.


  • This was evident last year when the Mobil Producing Nigeria/NNPC joint venture became the first company in Nigeria to use locally fabricated pipes in one of its offshore facilities. This was the result of years of collaboration with NAPIMS…NNPC…and other government agencies.


  • Such a feat would have been unthinkable just five years ago. The local firm…SCC Mills…now has the capacity to provide internationally certified pipes for use in the Nigerian oil and gas industry.


  • Through increased local investment and job creation, the long-term viability of local suppliers like SCC Mills, Nigerdock and Dorman Long will enhance the ability of current and future projects to generate benefits for the people of Nigeria.


  • With the development and completion of these platforms right here in Nigeria, our ExxonMobil affiliates are indeed at the forefront of the national content development initiatives.  Furthermore, we will continue to drive these efforts as we grow our business here.


  • I therefore extend my appreciation and congratulations to the Honorable Minister of Petroleum Resources, our joint venture partners…NNPC…NAPIMS…the Directorate of Petroleum Resources …all of the government agencies, contractors and consultants involved…and finally, the ExxonMobil employees who contributed to these projects.


  • You have all played a role in helping us reach this very important milestone.


  • Thank you for your kind attention.

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