POWER BLACKOUT: Nigerian Govt orders probe


FOLLOWING a blackout which enveloped Nigeria, world’s 7th largest exporter of oil and gas since 15th of March 2012, the Goodluck Jonathan led government has ordered an investigation into the three system failures which the nation has experienced since March 15.

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In a directive issued today from Seoul, South Korea, Barth Nnaji, a Professor and the minister incharge of electric power who is attending a meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan on peaceful uses of nuclear energy ordered the chief executive officer of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), Engineer Akinwuni Bada, to set up a team of experienced and competent engineers to investigate the causes of the system failures and submit a report to him within seven days.

System collapse, which used to occur about four times every month, had not taken place since last December as a result of repairs which have been effected in the transmission network in recent times.

Professor Nnaji said that though “it is easy to ascribe the total system failure of March 15 to a technical fault on the 33KV Onitsha—Benin line, it is puzzling that an explosion followed by a fire outbreak could take place at the Benin Transmission Station on Friday, March 23, and then repeated on Sunday, March 26 in the same power facility”.

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