Floating a national carrier, solution to capital flight out of Nigeria says Aturu

By Oyise Oghene

Deputy President of the National Union of Air Transport Employees, (NUATE), Comrade Samuelson Aturu has asked the Nigerian government to establish a national carrier in the country as this was the only solution to curb the massive capital flights out of the country.


Comrade Aturu further noted that with a national carrier in place that the problem of fare disparity amongst international carriers would eradicated for good stressing that the BA, Virgin Atlantic saga was due to the absence of a strong national airline in the country.

According to him ‘‘the problem that Nigerians has been having with British Airways and Virgin Atlantic would not have happened if there was a national carrier to compete with them on the London Heathrow route’’

He also pointed out that the present of a national carrier would afford Nigeria the opportunity to compete favourably in the global aviation industry noting that without this, capital flights and fare imbalances would continue unabated.

Comrade Aturu added that it would be hard for the Nigerian government to stamp their authorities on the mega carriers like the BA, Virgin Atlantic, and other foreign airlines stressing that the airlines were in business to generate revenues for themselves.

“The issue of capital flights and fare discrepancies will continue to happen in the country because these people are in business to make money for themselves. So, they are not concerned about the travelling public. Even in Britain, there is competitive commission that regulates the charges airlines implement in various routes even across the UK into other countries”

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