Africa has the worst safety record in the world-Bristow MD


LAGOS-Managing Director of Bristow Helicopters, Captain Akin Oni has said that Africa as a continent has the worst safety record when compared to other European countries across the world.

Speaking to Biztellers during an exclusive interview, Captain Oni however noted that despite the fact that the safety standard in Nigeria has improved over the years, that more was still needed to be done in enhancing safety of passengers as well as pilots and flight crew.

He further affirmed that most of the air mishap that have bedevilled the aviation industry in the past were caused by flight crew stressing that the element of human factor was always connected to all the accidents that had taken place in the past.

‘‘About 75 percent of air accident is caused by flight crew, while the airplane can take 8 percent, maintenance 5 percent, weather 3 percent, airport facilities/ATC 2 percent, others 7 percent. The flight crew induced accident must be addressed’’ Oni stressed.

The MD of Bristow Helicopters further noted that for safety to be improved tremendously in Africa that Africa needs to take a clue from the Europeans countries in identifying the key safety challenges.

‘‘The developed world like in Europe, they have been able to identify the key safety challenges like the UK CAA did ‘The Significant Seven-CAA paper 20011/03-Safety regulations website, they did Gore Commission-CAST, to reduce fatal accident by 80 percent in 2007 and other numerous safety devices that they have put in place’’ he added.

 Captain Oni however affirmed that Africa was facing numerous safety challenges due to poor infrastructure at their various airports, inadequate funding, bad policy formulation, corruption, lack of legal structure for continued safe operation amongst others.


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