NCAA vows to ground airlines over arbitrary fare


LAGOS-The  Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has said that it would ground any airline that fails to comply with its new operational guidelines for both domestic and foreign airlines in displaying its fares.

The guide line which is expected to make all airlines compulsorily  file all tariffs  showing all rates, fares and charges  to be included in the single integrated fare was issued by  the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority ( NCAA) on April 23rd 2012.

Dr. Harold Demuren

In line with the document issued by NCAA, and signed by its Director General, Dr. Harold Demuren, titled “Re -in the issue regarding tariff and fare components integration and filling” warned that failure to comply with the new regulatory regime will lead to the grounding of the errant carrier.

The new measures rolled out by the NCAA was a fallout of findings of how British Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airways  were exploiting Nigerians by only making public to them  the expensive fares on their systems but only displaying the cheaper fares for the regulatory agency  to access the mandatory five per cent ticket sales charge.

The document reads in parts  “Every airline shall file every tariff, whether seasonal discounted, promotional or otherwise and provide within the tariff, the different specific classes or types of passenger service, the availability, the type of aircraft and the seating configuration used on such aircraft for each class  or type of passenger service. The filed tariff  shall , in all cases, include all booking  classes available within the different travel classes or cabins and the specific fare for that booking class including all applicable terms and conditions”

The document further reads that : “every airline shall immediately remove all distinction between surcharges and base  fare on their tickets  and cargo sales excluding any third party  fees or taxes and have one single integrated fare, Other
than approved statutory  taxes which are collected  only on behalf of appropriate regulatory authorities, every other component of the cost of travel shall be included in the single integrated fare.

NCAA however warns that any  airlines that fail to comply with the directive will be grounded  at all airports across the country.

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