Nigerian Airways workers seek entitlement before new national carrier

By Oyise Oghene
President of Aviation Round Table (ART), Captain Dele Ore has told the Nigerian government to pay all the workers of the defunct national carrier, Nigerian Airways, NAL before going ahead with its plan to set up a new national carrier for the county.

Captain Ore, the Former Director, Flight Operations, NAL who disclose this development to newsmen affirmed that if the federal government fails to do so he would personally take the government to court.

He said“Those who worked for the carrier are yet to be paid off their entitlements and if you don’t do that, you are only postponing the d-day. Whatever they are calling a national carrier, I will take an injunction stopping such a thing until my entitlements are fully paid”

Captain Ore however noted that until the government explains the reason behind the liquidation of the former national carrier and pay off its entire staff, he would personally institute a legal action against the government on the proposed new national carrier.

According to him, the federal governed should revisit the Justice Obiora Nwazota Panel primarily set up to look into the poor management of the defunct carrier.

Captain Ore further said that the setting aside of the panel by the government, which he said unveiled the various shady deals that existed in the carrier was not the right thing that the government should have done.

He noted that those indicted by the panel are still walking the streets free, alleging that the indicted personnel also aided the liquidation of the airline to hide their loots.


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