Nigerian government was wrong with maevis contract

By Oyise Oghene
The Chief Executive Officer of Mavis Consultancy Firm, Mr. Adeola Fadairo has said that the Nigerian government was wrong in entering into a contractual agreement with Maevis Nigeria Limited, a former concessionaire on aeronautic and non-aeronautic charges with the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN).

Speaking with Biztellers in Lagos, Fadairo alleged that the contractual term was lopsided in favour of the concessionaire, saying that those that represented the Nigerian government on the contract table should be queried.

He, however, agreed that, that project was good for the country, but emphasised that its lopsidedness in favour of the concessionaire at the detriment of the Nigerian public brought about suspicion, which eventually left to its termination in March by the government.

He also condemned the abrupt termination of the contract by the management of FAAN since the case was already in court, stressing that such move could affect the image of the country in international community.

He said, “The issue is a plus-minus situation in the sense that a case is in court, which should actually have allowed our judicial system to take its course, but there are things you must remember that a lot of things have gone wrong in our judicial system and a lot of people are hiding under the judicial system to take cover on certain things.

“Maevis contract from day one should not have flied. Fantastic project, but the finishing was bad. I said this because it was lopsided in favour of the concessionaire. It was unbelievable. If you have seen the primary agreement written, you will weep for this country and I’m sure FAAN officials who superintended that contract all of them should be behind the bars.


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