Nigerian pilots decries absent of MROs facilities at airports

By Oyise Oghene
President of the National Association of Air Pilots and Engineers Balami has decried the absent of Maintenance Repairs and Overhaul (MRO) facilities in the Nigerian aviation industry.

Speaking to newsmen during an interaction session in Lagos, Balami pointed out that at present airlines could not even change landing gears of their aircrafts in the country stressing that during the time of Nigerian Airways that airlines could do their C and D checks in the country.

Balami who advocated for the establishment of a MRO facility in Nigeria affirmed that if created the facility would help in providing additional three thousand jobs to Nigerians in the aviation industry.

He said “Today we cannot even change the landing gear of an aircraft in Nigeria. Before in this same countyr Nigerian Airways does the C and D check but as at today we don’t have. If we have a C check facility it can provide three thousand jobs to Nigerians”

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