Nigeria’s cry over exploitation by BA, VAA was due to free tickets says Omaghomi

By Oyise Oghene

A Former Pilot of the defunct Nigerian Airways Airline, Captain Tito Omaghomi has said that the cry over the accusation of British Airways and Virgin Atlantic exploiting Nigerian passengers was as a result of the free tickets that the airlines give to the so-call big shots in Nigeria.

Captain  Omaghomi pointed out that BA and VAA used to give about five seats free to top politicians in the country stressing that the only way that they could recoup their money back was to increase the fare thus making their fare higher when compared to neighbouring counties like Ghana.

“British Airways, you know in the aviation industry, there is what they call complementary tickets, so when British Airways brings its aircraft here, they have 20 seats on the First Class, it will give five of those seats to our big shots, complimentary free of charge, they had to add all these money on the other seats so why are we are shouting that First Class is high”

“Economy is the same anywhere in the world, Ghana everywhere, it is the First Class that is the problem but they forget that these people give compliment in tickets, I don’t want to mention names, they give compliment in tickets to big shots and it is these big shots that will tell and say number one call your minister to order, leave BA and VAA alone, that is the truth.

British Airways give Ex-chiefs some slots toy and fro and even their family. So five seats out of the twelve seats are free tickets, where will they get their money from, they must take it out from the other passengers, that is the problem that we will have and they are shouting First Class is high”

“I have to remind Nigerians that nobody put a gun over our head when we were signing all these agreement” he stressed.

Captain Omaghomi however noted such a thing was not obtainable in Ghana because the government over there did not condole indolent from its officials.

He said”But in Ghana where they have a stable operation, I don’t think anybody will go and ask and say give me or my family free tickets, there is a law for it, everybody pay for their tickets, I have just told you the cause why this people must recouped their money back”

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