Pilot dares ex-Nigerian Aviation minister on doctored air crash reports

By Oyise Oghe

ILORIN-Rector of Ilorin College of Aviation, Kwara state, Captain. Fola Akinkuotu has dared the Former Minister of Aviation Chief Femi Fani Kayode  to justify his claim that most of the past air accident reports were doctored.

Captain Akinkuotu while disclosing this development to newsmen said, “I am not aware and I do not know and then I can’t say whether any document has been doctored and I do not expect that they should be doctored. I like to believe that people in the Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) are good people and are professionals.

However, if a former minister says so, what I will say is that the statement should not be made only, but should be substantiated”

Asked if there was anytime the report of an accident was doctored, Captain Akinkuotu stressed that he was not sure but affirmed that any statement that could not be substantiated by the claimant was only been subjective adding that in a matter of this magnitude everyone concern should be objective.

“I wouldn’t know and like I said I don’t expect it. I don’t want to pass judgment over what I do not know. Anything that can’t be substantiated becomes subjective and I think we should be very objective in this matter” he noted.

Earlier, it was reported that why reports of past air crash investigations in Nigeria were never made public.

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