Passengers battle Nigerian airline for missing flight

By Oyise Oghene

No fewer than thirty passengers has engaged  Aero Contractors in a fight for making them to miss their flight from Lagos to Calabar at about 3:00pm local time today at the Murtala Murhammed Airport Lagos.

Bizteller was at the terminal building and learnt that most of the aggrieved passengers were asked by the airline to pay for a no show fee which further spore the passengers into anger thereby threatening to sue the airline to court.

Biztellers actually gathered that while the passengers were on queue waiting to be checked in, officials of the airline came in and told that they have closed the counter because they came late for the flight hence they should pay for no show fee.

Mr. Adetunji Ayilara, one of the affected passengers said that he was at the airport forty minutes before his flight but was surprised when officials of the airline told them that the counter had been closed and they could not be checked in.

Mr. Ayilara, said”I came here before the departure time, exactly 40 minutes before departure time and I met some guys here and I believed that they were guys that have been here before 2 O clock and there were some that were here exactly 2 O clock and I asked one of the officials that, can I stay on queue, they said yes that I am not late and while still on queue and by the time we got to the front there was a crowd, so while we were still there some of the officials announced that they have close check in, how could you close check in while people are still on queue”

“We try to create a scene, we tried to stop them from checking in other passengers to other locations but yet they rebuffed us and by the time their station manger came down, she told us again that we are late, how could somebody come in 2:15pm for 3:00 O clock flight and you are saying he is late, people are asking questions and they say we can go to court, we can do whatever we want to do and we feel that this a rip-off, this is cheating, this is Nigeria cheating Nigerians and it is not acceptable and it is very evident that Aero Contractors over issued Lagos-Calabar flight for 3:00 O clock today and we heard it from grap vine that the flight was full, so if the flight was filled up that means it was intentional, they have motive for mal treating us” he added.

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