Nigeria aviation authority seeks support Dana airline

By Oyise Oghene

The Federal Government has been urged to help Dana airline to come back into full operation of its flight activities in the aviation industry in the country after the ill-fated crashed that occurred on the 3rd of June killing all 153 passengers onboard at Iju-Shaga area of Lagos.

Disclosing this development to newsmen, the Deputy General Manager, Public Affairs of the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Mr. Victor Chiji Arisa said that the crash plane was only one aircraft in the airlines’ fleet adding that if the other aircraft are okay, they should be allowed to fly.

He said ”I believe that it is that particular aircraft that has a problem, so we may not totally put off the airline, we should be able to find out whether the other aircraft in their fleet or system are okay and if they are, why not, if they are fully certified okay, they should be able to fly again”

Dana AirPlane

Mr. Arisa further stressed that the Federal Government could assist the airline by making available to them the bailout funds as they would be able to use it to stabilize in difficult times such as this.

Commenting on the report on the cause of the crash, Mr. Arisa said” AIB is the agency that is in charge of investigating any incident or accident in the aviation industry and I believed that the officers that constitute that department or agency are well qualified to handle their assignment; I wouldn’t think that the report was too hasty, they know what they are doing and we should trust them. All over the world when there are accidents, preliminary reports are released, sometimes not even ones, sometimes it may be twice, thrice before the final reports are released so, I believe that they are on course; I have no reason to doubt their efficiency that is my take”

He further noted that for Nigeria aviation industry to favorably compete with other aviation industry in the world that the Federal Government must enact a law that would make all the Nigerian airlines to merge together as this was the only way compete in the aviation industry outside the shore of the country.

According to him,” government should look into the possibility of enacting a law appropriate law that would encourage, I don’t want to use the word force, that will encourage the airlines to merge because all over the world mergers and acquisitions are going on so Nigeria should not be an exception, if the airlines should merge and bring their technical, administrative and other professional competences together the better for us.”

“That is why I said appropriate laws should be put in place. If we put the laws that if you are not able to acquire three or four aircraft, you should not be licensed, there was a time in this country that one aircraft airline were bound from flying or operating, that was essentially to also checkmate air crashes because when you have only one aircraft, you flog it from Lagos to Abuja, from Abuja to Kano from Kano to wherever, by so doing lives are put at risk. I believe that if appropriate laws are put in place, it will encourage them and then the Federal Government should also sensitize them, I mean the airlines’ owner and potential airlines’ owners, those who may want to come on board tomorrow that they should go ahead and discuss with their colleagues and put their resources together which still borders on the fact that they should merge together to form a formidable airline” he stressed.

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