Becker tasks Nigerian govt on airports infrastructure

By Oyise Oghene
The Nigerian Government has been charged to improve on the level of infrastructure in the nation’s airport and also step up the pace of work on the current remodelling exercise embarked upon by the Ministry of Aviation.

The Managing Director, West Africa, Lufthansa German Airlines and Swiss International Mr. Claus Becker made the call recently in Lagos.

Speaking at a press briefing to mark the airline’s 50 years of operating into the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, he said if the government is really interested in making the aviation industry a viable one and growing the economy through the sector, it should be prepared to reduce the number of levies being charged in the sector.

According to him, reduction in the numbers levies being charged by regulatory authorities in the aviation sector is germane to the improvement of the infrastructure in the sector, creating wealth for the sector and bringing prosperity to the country.

He stated that the airline declared a profit of over 30 billion Euros in its group network and about 60 million Euros in the Nigerian aviation sector pointing out that the firm could have made more profit but for the number of levies imposed by regulatory authorities in the sector.

“We all know that an efficient airport structure determines the success and the economical prosperity of the country. I think you are also committed as a country in putting this in place. And the minister of aviation, she is doing a great job of really supporting whatever is needed in order to implement these infrastructures in this country.

“But I can only say follow that part, continue to really support it because lowering taxes, lowering regulation, is key to international airline market, and is key to supporting and strengthening infrastructure and finally brining wealth and prosperity to the country. And I believe that is something which is well under way in the country. Building infrastructure and airlines being part of that is something very critical for the economic development of the country.”

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