Eko-Konnect, AFRINIC holds training session on INRM, IPv6

LAGOS-Eko-Konnect Research and Education is joining hands with the African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC) on a training session on Internet Number Resource Management and IPv6 at the University of Lagos.

The four-day event billed to hold

Training Session

from September 11-14 is meant to sensitise Internet operators, ISPs and other stakeholders on IPv6, the new Internet protocol.

Eko-Konnect aims to coordinate and support network connectivity between the Education and Research Institutes in the Lagos area as part of wider efforts to establish ngREN, the national research and education network.  AFRINIC is the regional Internet registry in charge of the distribution of IP and ASN numbers in the African and Indian Ocean region.

It is thus crucial for Africa to migrate to IPv6, the pillar of tomorrow’s Internet. With the collaboration of AFRINIC, the Eko-Konnect Research and Education Initiative has organized this technical workshop to sensitize operators and ISPs and other organisations on IPv6 protocol usage.

Training is at the heart of AFRINIC activities and are free of charge. Since 2005, Afrinic has conducted over 100 sessions across Africa and trained over 1 000 engineers, both in francophone and Anglophone countries.

Eko-Konnect chairman, Prof Charles Uwadia, said “With the depletion of IPv4 address reserves, it imperative that we support IPv6 as we rollout our networks and the time to start is now. As a research and education network, our role is to lead in data network technologies and support the free flow of information and knowledge. “

On his part, AFRINIC’s CEO Adiel Akplogan, said: ‘’Our Training programmes evolve and in line with our capacity-building strategy, one of our next objective is to set up an E-Learning Center to reach a wider audience and further collaboration with Organisations bearing similar goals as AFRINIC’s training programme’’.

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