NETCO awarded DED of Chevron’s Utonana Facilities…to expend 14,423 man-hours


LAGOS-National Engineering and Technical Company Limited (NETCO), a subsidiary of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has won the Detailed Engineering Design (DED) for the upgrade of Chevron Nigeria’s Utonana facilities, even as the company is positioned to expend a minimum of 14,423 manhours on the project with 100 percent Nigerian content.

This is coming on the heels of the company’s successful completion of its Environmental Management System’s (EMS) audit in order to ensure compliance and conformity to international standards of operation.

In a statement by the DED project Manager Mr. Lukman Ayinde  Biztellers gathered that Chevron’s intent is to carry out refurbishment and replacement works on Utonana Oil Production Facilities in order to restore the integrity of the flow station.

The main objective is to enhance production through the fields economic life and the project would be carried out by NETCO for a period of 4 months.

According to him the success metrics includes safe completion, accurate projects deliverables, completion on schedule, strict adherence to approved cost and man-hours.

A project Technical Kick-Off meeting was held in order to align the NETCO project team with the clients expectations and also finalise the Master Derivable Register  (MDR), review and freeze scope of work, the importance of Incident and injury free amidst other important factors.

Chevron’s facilities engineering manager in his brief emphasized on CNL’s expectation for NETCO to deliver the project safely, timely and within budget.

He equally emphasized that site-visit is key on this project so as to avoid rework, he however noted that a zero re-work is attainable even as he emphasizes on the importance of training of personnel  viz-a-viz meeting NCDMB training requirements.

NETCO Management appreciated Chevron’s support by awarding the project even as he emphasized on the importance of having a lesson-learnt session at the beginning of the project. He also assured on his company’s readiness to meet Chevron’s expectations.

In order to achieve the project objectives a field assessment will be carried out to confirm the  state of the facility and proposed modifications, to identify and confirm additional equipment changes withing the scope of Utonana Facilities Project. The purpose of the field assessment also includes data gathering as well as the verification of facility as built status.

Approved recommendations from the survey findings are intended to be incorporated into the DED deliverable as appropriate within the DED scope of works. Any findings outside the DED scope would be noticed by Chevron for future considerations.

At peak the manpower is planned for 31 Nigerian personnel, mostly engineers while 14,423 manhours are expected to be expended in the execution of the project. The Nigerian content during the performance of the work  is 100 percent .  The execution of the project is in line with the federal Governments policy 100 percent of all engineering activities in-country.

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