Passengers troup to Lagos airport

LAGOS: Ahead of the Eld-el-Kabir festival tomorrow, passengers running into thousand of their numbers were today seen rushing to catch up with their flight at the various terminals in Lagos Airport.

Biztellers was at the domestic terminal Murtal Muhammed Airport (MMA2) as well as the General Aviation Terminal (GAT) and reports that many of the passengers were seen on queues trying to get their tickets for their various flights.
Mr. Muhammed Adamu, one of the passengers who was travelling on IRS airline to Maiduguri for 2:50 pm said that he was travelling to celebrate the Eil-el-Kabir festival with his family.

“I thank Allah for his mercies and the celebration of this festival is vital because it promotes peace and unity amongst the family members and even to the larger society. I work in Lagos with my wife and children but as times like this, we travel to Maiduguri to celebrate the Sallah festival with my family members, at least it is a time where every member of the family come back home to celebrate after been away for sometime” Mr. Adamu said.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Joy Uduoh on arrival from Calabar to Lagos on Arik Air flight said that she came to Lagos to rest for the holidays adding that she decided to use the two days public holidays as well as the weekends to properly relax herself in Lagos.

According to her”I am a business woman but sometimes this our body needs rest, so I decided to come down to Lagos to relax myself and to use this opportunity of these holidays to visit my elder brother that lives in Lagos. I have not seen him for quite a long time now”

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