Eurocontrol launches ATM Master Plan

By Ikenna UGWU

Information Communications Technologies (ICT) have continued to redefine the aviation industry. To this end, a new ATM Master developed by European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation (Eurocontrol) has been launched.

The newly updated electronic version of the European Air Traffic Management Master Plan is to create a platform for stakeholders to access the content of the Plan in an interactive and dynamic manner, and visualise it in the context of their own operational objectives.

The Joint undertaking within the framework of SESAR work package C, the second Edition of the Master Plan outlines clear roadmaps for essential operational and technological changes required from all stakeholders (airspace users, air navigation service providers, airport operators, the military and the network manager), allowing the Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) to be connected with deployment.

Thus, development of the European ATM Master Plan brought the entire aviation community together in order to define the next steps towards a performance-driven and seamless global aviation system. It is Europe’s contribution to the Global Air Navigation Capacity and efficiency Plan (GANP) to be discussed at the 12th ICAO Air Navigation Conference in November.

According to Nancy Graham, director, Air Navigation Bureau International Civil Aviation Organization, United Nations, “The European ATM Master Plan is a good example of the performance-based approach in strategic ATM planning.  It is great to see that the Master Plan and the Global Plan are mutually aligned. The Edition 2 could not have been timelier and will be an important evidence of regional and global alignment”.

The Master Plan Document has been derived, in a coordinated and synchronised manner, from underlying planning information, all of which is dynamically accessible through the eATM Portal. The eATM Portal is the gateway to all Master Plan information. All available data can be readily identified, downloaded in different ways and formats and then printed.

“The Master Plan is unique and important at the same time in that it brings together all views and perspectives into a single consolidated and comprehensive strategic plan, setting out a clear direction for European ATM,” observed Bo Redeborn, Principal Director ATM at EUROCONTROL.

The new platform will be managed by a web search engine, SESAR Plan.

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