LASG Residents’ Data Collection Begings January

By Ikenna UGWU

Lagos State Government is not leaving any stone unturned on its plan to commence the registration of all residents in January 2013.

The Public Relations Officer, Lagos State Residents Registration Agency (LSRRA), Mr. Akin Akiniyi, stated this while speaking at the Lagos International Trade Fair, adding that the agency has held a pilot exercise with public servants.

Akiniyi maintained that resident’s registration exercise was necessitated by the need for a database for all residents and to assist in planning and governance.

“Over 21 million people are estimated to be living in Lagos and there would be need for government to have their data base.

“The exercise is equally necessary in view of the security situation and the influx of illegal aliens into the state,” Akiniyi said.

The exercise is open to all residents, irrespective of ethnic background, as well as foreigners, including tourists, would be captured in the exercise scheduled to hold between January and March 2013.

“Government has the responsibility to cater for everyone residing in Lagos, regardless of their state or the country they came from,” he said.

He added that identity cards would be issued to those who are captured during the exercise, to differentiate between legal residents and illegal immigrants.

The LSRRA’s spokesman said government would be able to accurately determine the overall resources required in formulating and implementing policies, projects and programmes, after the exercise.

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