FAAN to embark on security re-alignment

The Aviation Safety and Security Directorate of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) will soon be restructured, in line with the on-going transformation taking place in the Authority.

Disclosing this development to newsmen General Manager Corporate Communications, Mr. Yakubu Dati said that already, a staff audit has commenced in the directorate, to ensure that the right caliber of staff are working on certain beats and also ascertain the type of training required by the different categories of staff to make them more efficient on the job.

According to Mr. Dati, the agency has also devised means of identifying and weeding out from the directorate, undesirable elements whose activities could jeopardize safety and security at airports, apart from tarnishing the Authority’s public image.

He further noted that the same measure would be extended to all the directorates in the Authority, in view of few cases of indiscipline shown by some unscrupulous staff recently.

He said”the on-going airport remodelling project is designed to modernize all airport terminals in the country for improved service delivery, in line with acceptable industry standards. Management knows that this objective may not be realized if aviation security and other staff of the Authority are not re-orientated to adapt to new trends in the industry, in the overall interest of the authority as a going concern”.

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