78% of accident is cause by management factors says Ore

LAGOS: President of the Aviation Round Table (ART), Captain Dele Ore has said that about seventy-eight percent of aircraft accident were caused by management factor.

Speaking at the Association of Foreign Airlines Representatives in Nigeria, AFARN Safety Summit titled “Safety Stand Down Nigeria 2012″ at the NCAA annex Lagos, Captain Ore noted that by undue interference of the management of an airline on its operations that could lead to air crash thus affecting safety which in turn would result to loss of lives.

According to him”human factor is inherent in the management factor due to wrong decision taken at the helm of affairs of the airline. Human error coupled with other factors are factors that contribute to accident happening in the aviation industry which normally leads to loss of lives”

Meanwhile the President of AFARN Mr. Kingsley Nwokoma said that the summit was timely as it was meant to discuss ways to keep the airport and its environment as well as the passengers safe at all times.

He stressed that amongst the primary purpose of the summit was to promote safety in all it ramifications, promote aviation in Nigeria as well as contribute to efficient and effective regulations in the aviation industry in Nigeria.

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