Freight Forwarders, Importers Lament Inefficient Scanners at Seme Border

SEME – Freight Forwarders, importers and dockworkers have lamented inefficiency of the scanning machines installed by GlobalScans Systems at the Seme border saying that the development may lead to loss of revenue to the government.

Speaking to newsmen at Atlas park in Seme recently, Mr. Ignatius Ezeukwu said that the level of deterioration of the scanners leaves much to be desired adding that the government needed to be alerted over the development.

Ezeukwu stated that if the efficiency of the scanners are not checked, the government will continue to lose revenue as a result of dismal performance constantly experienced by clearing agents and importers which is occasioned by the constant break down of , Ezekiel lamented that instead of the management of Globalscan system to concern themselves with the efficiency of their scanning machines, they are carrying out unnecessary propaganda of their efficiency on the pages of newspapers.

seme borderHe however warned that if the scanning machines at Seme are not made to perform efficiently as soon as possible, he will mobilize other importers to move against Globalscan systems.

He said ” A day is coming when we shall mobilize against them and their obsolete Scanner. “They should realize that it is because of this outdated Scanner that we were compelled to downsize our trucks. Yet, after we had complied , we constantly face frustration because of everyday breakdown of their Scanner.

“Most times, it takes several days to fix while our demurrage accumulates day after day. We are asking the government to stop the use of this mobile scanner forth-with until the fixed scanner is finished.

“Conduct an opinion poll, we are not the only people affected. check the revenue board of the Customs, its nothing to be written about. In a sharp reaction, the Seme Branch Manager of Globalscanm Mr Babayo Bello said that the scanning machines are working perfectly well.

“We scan 20 trucks in one hour, and 150 in one day, whatever anybody says to you is not true”

Asked if they operate 24 hours, Bello explained that if the government gives such directive, they will do.

“We only scan trucks whose documents have been perfected by the relevant government agencies,” he added.

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