Google celebrates Ramadan month by launching a dedicated website

DUBAI – Google has always surprised its users by offering new concepts. This time it has introduced a special site for the Islamic holy month of Ramadan which will help users celebrate the holy month while making use of Google services like Hangouts, Maps, YouTube videos, Google+ and more at one place. The website is live now and will be open till the Ramadan month ends.

Google has created this hub for its services which are featured in several windows placed on one page. So, users can choose to watch Ramadan related videos on YouTube, watch live streaming for events happening at holy places like Mecca’s Grand Mosque, and similarly can use Hangouts, tag on Google plus, and plan their trip using Google Maps. The website also features other real-time broadcasts from events across the world.

google dedicated website for ramadanGoogle will also display the trending search elements including travel tips, food meals, and other such most searched items from across the world on this website. Additionally, Google has also scheduled special events like celebrity Hangouts on air and other important Ramadan related videos in a calendar like feature on this website.

To view the dedicated website click on the link below

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